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Aritz is now officially the World Championship Tour surfer ( WCT) . I was waiting for the results of the Billabong Pipe Masters , the final race of the year WCT . It started in the 26th position in the ranking and needed some of the rivals should fail to confirm his pass mathematically .

“I can not be happier , it’s a dream come true ,” said Aritz around the news . ” ” I got six years ago but now I want to enjoy a little more if possible . ” Aranburu said he was ” the luckiest person in the world .” Nothing will change ” because we will continue working and training in the same way .” Aritz afiram his ” head is already thinking about 2014 , no rest .”

The surfer Zarautz has returned to complete a new feat after qualifying for the exclusive group of the top 32 surfers on the planet. This is another success for our sport.

Aranburu is the only Spanish surfer who has achieved the pinnacle of the sport. He succeeded in 2007 and spent two seasons with the stars of the surf. Back now to the classification is more complicated than ever since the circuit has become much more elitist and complicated than ever. The ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals ) reduced from 45-32 WCT surfers. The competition format also became much more complex and less options. However, it has become the feat and get back to sneak into the best surfers on the planet.

Aritz is located in Hawaii and return to Spain next Thursday. Upon arrival offered a press conference . Want to thank all media for their help and continued collaboration , share this success with everyone and fans , media and fans in general feel ” partakers of the success achieved in Hawaii this afternoon .”

Aritz in the Dream tour

Hi there!

Already a few days not hang anything on the blog as we are dumped into the remodeling project of our website and as well give you all a better service and facilities.

Today we put a comment that sends Anna of Barcelona in which she tells her experience at our SUMMER CAMP.

By Anna:

“Hello everyone! Let me tell you our experience this summer surf Morocco Surf Life!

We went in late July 3 friends Barcelona (Gerard, Alba and I, Anna) to surf camp of Media in Kenitra, north of Morocco near Rabat.

The truth is that the week we were in the camp was very well used and we loved, we had no time to get bored!


Surf en Marruecos


The surf camp is very nice, all decorated with traditional fabrics and objects related to the world of surfing, and what about the people and the food, both are great!

The food, most typical was plentiful and very good, apart from varied and every afternoon after lunch we made our mint tea.


Surf in Morocco

After surfing….Meant Te!!


From here I would highlight the good people out there in the surf camp, especially Bommi, Simo Amine cook and they are very nice people, a day with few waves in the morning we went to visit Rabat and we did a little tour town. They care about you at all times and we wanted for nothing. 


Walking Rabat

Walking Rabat

The waves, although there was not much size were good and very fun almost every day, we visited several spots in the area with the surf camp and every day we made at least two bathrooms. Do not forget some of the sessions in the evening the three of us in the water with waves and glassy sets …


Surf in Morocco

Some goos waves in Mehdia

All in all we left very good impression, we took the three a nice memory and can not wait to repeat! “


Well guys.. further evidence that Morocco is an amazing place to surf for both girls and boys with amazing people and surf all year.

Wath are you waiting?

Today we will talk a bit about one of the most important things you need to know to organize a surf trip to Morocco, the time. Thanks to our long experience in the country know that there are many things to take into account and we can not forget to plan your surf trip to Morocco. 

First, today, we must bear in mind the time when we travel, because according to what time we should be thinking about touching other zones. If you travel in winter it is best to think of a trip by the central or south as northern temperatures are similar to ours, we cold noses and little desire to get 4.3. In south-central things change, we have a temperature of about 20 ° on average per day and about 15 º at night. The water temperature of 19 º most of the winter.

When we talk about South Central we mean the area between Essaouira (much more affected by the wind) and Taghazout (Agadir), the latter is the better known and more choice for our customers at this time both for its climate as its waves. Taghazout area has more than 10 spots in less than 5 miles (Killers, Anchor, Misterys, Hash, Panoramas, Devils, Cro Cro, The Source, etc.) …. is incredible!!

serie anchor

For all this we believe that there is no room for doubt that winter is the best time to travel to these spots and escape the cold European put on our bathing suit again. Of course, not only for this reason that we chose, but we will talk in other posts.

Secondly, if you go in summer, we still have waves in the center but not with the same consistency as in winter and temperatures are higher. In the north we come good swells and milder temperatures. Here we have very good spots as Medhia, El Jadida, Bouznika, etc …


We also have good summer waves Mirleft and Sidi Ifni  where swells hit harder. An area with miles of unspoiled beaches and incredible people and culture.

foto morocco

Now you know a little more of the best times for different areas of Morocco, if you have any questions on other topics or the same please write to




Through this journey along the Moroccan and northern atlantic coasts, we follow Jérome Sahyoun in his winter quest for extreme waves. Over the last few seasons, the tow-in team he forms with basque surfer Axi Muniain, has become one of the most tracked in the big wave riding scene.

SanaSaida won BEST SHOT AWARD at Anglet International Surf Film Festival and was one of the hits at Bali Ombak International Surf Film Festival and Surf Film Festibal.


Today some of our customers have sent us their experience in the Surf Camp in Morocco.

Hi team! Here you have our experience of surfing in Morocco.


We decided to spend 10 days of Christmas in the sun of Morocco and recommended with Morocco surf life. The best decision we made. We opted for a package beginner surf in Taghazout, a beautiful fishing village. And the experience was unforgettable.


The Riad we stayed was in the mountains, a quiet and charming Moroccan. The deal was unbeatable and more meals yet! And what about the civilians! People very friendly, willing to help where needed.

The organization hired pack was perfect: beach, surf, live a little local life and many, many laughs! allowing us to sleep with a smile every day.


We thought that was going to spend New Year’s Eve and more desapircibida what was our surprise we spent one of the best New Year’s Eves of our lives

Great dinner and laughs in good company!


In summary …. We had a nice experience and we went back 15 days at Easter.

A destination that has conquered us, thanks Morocco Surf Life for this experience!

We will Back …. Incha ALAH! A!

Here you have other experience:

Hi Morocco Surf Life Team,

We want you to know that our trip was a success, so that engañaos, at first we were a little concerned because we have always given some little thing to go to this country and to our surprise most of our bad thoughts went to hell they arrive.

Awesome deal by the team and the people of the area and always well informed of what was best for the time. Just before we left we met Ruben and informed of everything you need to start the trip a success!! It is noted that there has been a long time and knows all the possibilities.


On the subject waves …….. NO COMMENT!



My friend  Jurdan on fire en … ANCHOR POINT.

 Olas Marruecos

Enjoing rights!!!
Surf marruecos

Yes, this we had almost every day, you win again!

We also met many people who were in the Camp and did a good team.

Boilers and friends

Nothing but thank you for all damages and to know that back

A greeting

Paul and Jordan


Hello everyone!!

Today we are going to teach our new  Surf accommodation in Morocco.


This property is located in Sidi Kaouki, a town about 25 miles south of Essaouira.

A quiet village not as well known by travelers as we go straight always known spots (Inmessouane, Taghazout, etc). But it really has great potential both in summer and winter, both as to Kite Surf  or Windsurf.


You can enjoy many activities such as Horse riding on the beach, quad biking, yoga, etc. ..

Here some more pictures of the surf accommodation.


Don´t miss the opportunity to enjoy a relaxation holiday , sun, sea and surf in Morocco.

Hello Morocco Surf Life Team!!

We send a little above what were our travels with you, because as you know, we travel 2 times..

On our first trip we booked through Morocco Surf Life were ten days specifically in Taghazout.

All these days we stayed at the top of the village on the mountain (Aith Bihi)
We loved the accommodations, the views were spectacular, and super quiet.

Each part of the house cared much detail and made ​​the whole we enjoyed the most. The personal attention and one díez spectacular breakfast.

For all those who want peace and quiet this is definitely the place to be.

On our second trip, of course, we repeated the same area as they found it wonderful.

In a room with charm, authentic Moroccan. The truth that the more time we have been in the area, the more we surprised by the friendliness of the people, humility and care. I, being a woman, I had no problem there.

The Morocco Surf Life team recommended places to visit, eat and landscapes that we could not miss.

Ideal for learning to surf at nearby beaches.

Many options and plans available, waterfalls, markets, oasis, horses, souks and more.

Overall, a very economical and advisable to be able to integrate into the Arab culture, enjoy your surroundings and people.


Sandra Luna

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