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Aritz Aramburu in WCT 2014

Aritz is now officially the World Championship Tour surfer ( WCT) . I was waiting for the results of the Billabong Pipe Masters , the final race of the year WCT . It started in the 26th position in the ranking and needed some of the rivals should fail to confirm his pass mathematically .

“I can not be happier , it’s a dream come true ,” said Aritz around the news . ” ” I got six years ago but now I want to enjoy a little more if possible . ” Aranburu said he was ” the luckiest person in the world .” Nothing will change ” because we will continue working and training in the same way .” Aritz afiram his ” head is already thinking about 2014 , no rest .”

The surfer Zarautz has returned to complete a new feat after qualifying for the exclusive group of the top 32 surfers on the planet. This is another success for our sport.

Aranburu is the only Spanish surfer who has achieved the pinnacle of the sport. He succeeded in 2007 and spent two seasons with the stars of the surf. Back now to the classification is more complicated than ever since the circuit has become much more elitist and complicated than ever. The ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals ) reduced from 45-32 WCT surfers. The competition format also became much more complex and less options. However, it has become the feat and get back to sneak into the best surfers on the planet.

Aritz is located in Hawaii and return to Spain next Thursday. Upon arrival offered a press conference . Want to thank all media for their help and continued collaboration , share this success with everyone and fans , media and fans in general feel ” partakers of the success achieved in Hawaii this afternoon .”

Aritz in the Dream tour

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