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When can we travel to Morocco?

Today we will talk a bit about one of the most important things you need to know to organize a surf trip to Morocco, the time. Thanks to our long experience in the country know that there are many things to take into account and we can not forget to plan your surf trip to Morocco. 

First, today, we must bear in mind the time when we travel, because according to what time we should be thinking about touching other zones. If you travel in winter it is best to think of a trip by the central or south as northern temperatures are similar to ours, we cold noses and little desire to get 4.3. In south-central things change, we have a temperature of about 20 ° on average per day and about 15 º at night. The water temperature of 19 º most of the winter.

When we talk about South Central we mean the area between Essaouira (much more affected by the wind) and Taghazout (Agadir), the latter is the better known and more choice for our customers at this time both for its climate as its waves. Taghazout area has more than 10 spots in less than 5 miles (Killers, Anchor, Misterys, Hash, Panoramas, Devils, Cro Cro, The Source, etc.) …. is incredible!!

serie anchor

For all this we believe that there is no room for doubt that winter is the best time to travel to these spots and escape the cold European put on our bathing suit again. Of course, not only for this reason that we chose, but we will talk in other posts.

Secondly, if you go in summer, we still have waves in the center but not with the same consistency as in winter and temperatures are higher. In the north we come good swells and milder temperatures. Here we have very good spots as Medhia, El Jadida, Bouznika, etc …


We also have good summer waves Mirleft and Sidi Ifni  where swells hit harder. An area with miles of unspoiled beaches and incredible people and culture.

foto morocco

Now you know a little more of the best times for different areas of Morocco, if you have any questions on other topics or the same please write to


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