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Our surf holidays in Morocco

Hello Morocco Surf Life Team!!

We send a little above what were our travels with you, because as you know, we travel 2 times..

On our first trip we booked through Morocco Surf Life were ten days specifically in Taghazout.

All these days we stayed at the top of the village on the mountain (Aith Bihi)
We loved the accommodations, the views were spectacular, and super quiet.

Each part of the house cared much detail and made ​​the whole we enjoyed the most. The personal attention and one díez spectacular breakfast.

For all those who want peace and quiet this is definitely the place to be.

On our second trip, of course, we repeated the same area as they found it wonderful.

In a room with charm, authentic Moroccan. The truth that the more time we have been in the area, the more we surprised by the friendliness of the people, humility and care. I, being a woman, I had no problem there.

The Morocco Surf Life team recommended places to visit, eat and landscapes that we could not miss.

Ideal for learning to surf at nearby beaches.

Many options and plans available, waterfalls, markets, oasis, horses, souks and more.

Overall, a very economical and advisable to be able to integrate into the Arab culture, enjoy your surroundings and people.


Sandra Luna

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